A man who loves you, doesn’t love you, these few practical actions will tell you

Why are you so stupid? If you are deceived by others, he will tell you that it sounds annoying. He thinks he insults your IQ, but he just made a mistake. It is sad that he said this. But if a man really blames you, he won’t say that you are stupid, but many people will tell you that your brain is not long. This sentence is to sigh your innocence, because you have been deceiving yourself and feel very uncomfortable. I have not protected you well. If he can become a staff member, he will not be like this. Who will let you drink cold water? . A woman is cold. If you drink too cold water, read more

Men’s 8 personality hopes during the intercourse

Compared with women, men are not too picky about sex. But there are some details that you must pay attention to first. For example: What kind of behavior can make him a one-off climax for you? If you master the initiative in sex, what will change? Some details are often ignored by women. And it is precisely the core focus that makes men crazy for you. What do men care about most in bed? Eight reasons are the points that you can’t ignore. I hope she can be passionate about me. “I hope she seems to be wholeheartedly for me, and really like what I do.” Some men seem to care less read more

The Prostitute ten guidelines let her love you

Ladies and gentlemen, have you already taken a fancy to the goddess in your heart, but you can only wait in silence in your heart? Take your confidence! Now in this era, it is to pay attention to “first to be strong”! The following 10 basics are introduced to you. Prostitute “Guidelines, practical and classic! Don’t hurry to learn! Basic Principles Article 1: No matter whether it is a shirt or a suit neckline or cuff, you can’t let MM see black stains, you can’t change shirts and socks for three days, ten days are not willing The act of bathing must keep the read more

Adult sex education: Excessive brain use can lead to kidney deficiency

Adult sex education: Excessive brain use can lead to kidney deficiency. There is a familiar movie scene: a leading cadre, wrote an all-night reform plan, and stood up after dawn. He will take a breath in the morning sun and make a sour handkerchief. Waist … … Such a scene, in addition to being a drowsy after sedentary, the backache is also caused by the use of excessive brain to cause kidney deficiency. After continuous and intense use of brain power, people will feel dizzy, tired, and even backache. Even if the posture is adjusted and the chair is softened, it will still hurt, because the read more

The correct love concept of winning perfect love

The brain-destroyed women always pay the true feelings but scare away the other half, so that the good man falls into the hands of the bad woman. If you want to be a winner in a relationship, you must have a clear set of rules for your feelings in your heart. As long as you follow this guiding principle from beginning to end, it is very difficult for love to fail. Today, Xiaobian gives you a summary of the correct love concept of winning perfect love. Let’s take a look. 1, can not be excessively accommodating the two people in the love of each other is equal, only the feelings of these read more

Under what circumstances can a husband and wife not be ashamed

Sexual life is an indispensable part of the husband and wife living together, and is also an indispensable part of the succession. However, there must be a degree of sexual life, a moderation, and mutual respect for the wishes of both parties, based on the marital relationship and family harmony. In fact, there are still some situations in life. It is really not suitable for husband and wife. In these same time, not only does the body cause harm, but also the sex life will not be very pleasant. So, in what case are couples unable to live in the same room? It is not suitable for sex in women’s read more

How to use ovulation pregnancy, there are ways

How to use ovulation, what is the method? Women should know the time of their ovulation period, and then they can be pregnant in the same room on the day of ovulation. Of course, this must be done on the day of ovulation to excrete the eggs, because many women have no eggs on the day of ovulation. So you can use the ovulation test strip to check it out. During the ovulation period, the cold can be in the same room as the ovulation period. It is very easy to get pregnant, but now there is a cold symptom, which is a viral infection, which will have a certain impact on the fetus. It is best to read more

Usually a few days after menstruation is ovulation

According to different personal physiques, the menstrual cycle is different, the ovulation period before and after menstruation is different, each person has their own ovulation period, using the number of days after menstruation to test the ovulation period will be different, but everyone can use the formula To measure the ovulation period, it is more accurate for women to ovulate after the menstruation. 1. For women with relatively stable menstruation: ovulation day is generally the 14th day before the next month’s menstrual flow, then the first 5 days of the day, including this day read more

How do women’s ovulation temperature be accurate?

How to measure body temperature during ovulation? I believe that female friends are not unfamiliar, because everyone must have measured during pregnancy, but how to measure, how to measure can be more accurate, what is the regularity of body temperature during ovulation, which requires everyone to have a certain recognition of basal body temperature Know that you have a certain skill and method to measure it, you can get twice the result with half the effort in actual use! The method of measuring the basal body temperature is: After waking up every morning, the bed is not ok, and it is best read more

How to calculate the ovulation period of pregnant women with irregular menstruation?

How to calculate the ovulation period of pregnant women with irregular menstruation? For women with irregular menstruation, the effect on pregnancy is very large. The ovulation period is 14 days before menstruation. If the woman has irregular menstruation, then her ovulation period will not be regular, then women can use ovulation. The period of test paper to detect the ovulation period is very accurate. Irregular menstruation can lead to infertility? Irregular menstruation can lead to infertility? Irregular menstruation can lead to infertility, but not all women with irregular menstruation read more