How to use ovulation pregnancy, there are ways

How to use ovulation, what is the method? Women should know the time of their ovulation period, and then they can be pregnant in the same room on the day of ovulation. Of course, this must be done on the day of ovulation to excrete the eggs, because many women have no eggs on the day of ovulation. So you can use the ovulation test strip to check it out. During the ovulation period, the cold can be in the same room as the ovulation period. It is very easy to get pregnant, but now there is a cold symptom, which is a viral infection, which will have a certain impact on the fetus. It is best to give up the chance of this pregnancy. In general, when the two sides are healthy, this is the baby’s health coefficient will be very high. Taking medication during a ovulation period has an effect on the fetus. The specific situation varies from person to person. The degree of specific impact is currently unpredictable. If you want to keep the fetus, you need to strictly check the pregnancy, do Down’s screening in the 14-19 weeks of pregnancy, and do the 4D color prenatal delivery in the 22-26 weeks of pregnancy. Disorder, if it is necessary to do amniocentesis and cord blood analysis for 16-20 weeks, this can clarify the baby’s development in the palace. It is recommended to keep the baby and do regular pregnancy check. If the baby is found to be abnormal, terminate the pregnancy in time. The last ovulation period is not a few days, but a day. The ovulation period is generally in the first 14 days of the next menstrual period. For example, the next time you come to the menstrual period is No. 20, the ovulation period is No. 6, then the 5 days before and after the 6th are easy to conceive, called the easy pregnancy period (ie No. 1 To the 11th). Other times are the safe period. Some people ask, can you get pregnant with a cold during ovulation? In fact, pregnancy has nothing to do with a cold. Women’s ovulation period may be delayed or delayed by internal and external factors, so the so-called safety period is not 100%Security. During the period of ovulation, women should pay attention to what women are ovulating, and they will feel energetic. Of course, this is also the natural instinct of human beings. In essence, this is a woman who is in ovulation in order to successfully attract the opposite sex. Will be more caring for themselves, look good. During ovulation, there may be no appetite. Scientific research shows that women’s meal during this period is the lowest in a menstrual cycle. It is said that this is the result of human natural instinct retention, which means that females will pay more attention during this period. More on the search for heterosexual mating, not looking for food. But for your health, you should pay attention to normal nutrition, not too much control. During this period, women’s resistance will decline, because vaginal mucus will become thin, which is also to make it easier for sperm to block the egg through heavy obstacles, increasing the chances of successful pregnancy. Female ovulation period can be measured. When you find yourself in the ovulation period, you should pay more attention to your body and mind, and you must maintain a good mood.