The correct love concept of winning perfect love

The brain-destroyed women always pay the true feelings but scare away the other half, so that the good man falls into the hands of the bad woman. If you want to be a winner in a relationship, you must have a clear set of rules for your feelings in your heart. As long as you follow this guiding principle from beginning to end, it is very difficult for love to fail. Today, Xiaobian gives you a summary of the correct love concept of winning perfect love. Let’s take a look. 1, can not be excessively accommodating the two people in the love of each other is equal, only the feelings of these two people can be maintained for a long time, the combination of two people is your wish, for the stability of marriage, two people need to The other party is tolerant and accommodating. Sometimes you need to play your opinion and don’t force yourself to grieve. Many times it is because you are too accommodating, and let you lose yourself in love. 2, women do not frequently contact the man and woman in the relationship to wait for the man to contact you more, only to give men enough personal space men will feel this feeling is more comfortable, women because they love a man, always contact each other, Will cause the other party’s resentment. When he misses you, he will call himself. Women must learn to be reserved in love. Don’t give a man, you love him very much, he can’t live without him. Xiao Bian recommended: You can play the most effective technique for women orgasm in the shallow dragon. 3. Cohabitation can be done, but when you are in love with two people, when you are in love, you will inevitably have sex, even many people. Choosing cohabitation is undoubted. The key is that women should know how to protect themselves in love. For example, when making love, take the initiative to use the supreme ultra-thin condom to avoid pregnancy. 4, the other party will always be a part of your life. Some women will conquer the man as a lifelong career, but women must remember that you have your own vast blue sky to play, do not put your energy In him, if he is a good man, you don’t care if he is not derailed. If he is not a good man, you will follow him all day, and he will lie out to find a woman. Therefore, a woman has to live herself, and only her own radiance is the greatest sense of security. Guess what you like: Fish than Dongguan ISO woman natural strange quirks oral sex skills sexual intercourse pose love sex novels more content please pay attention to Feihua health two sex channels: Copyright: This article belongs to the copyright Feihua Health Network, without permission, any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!