Adult sex education: Excessive brain use can lead to kidney deficiency

Adult sex education: Excessive brain use can lead to kidney deficiency. There is a familiar movie scene: a leading cadre, wrote an all-night reform plan, and stood up after dawn. He will take a breath in the morning sun and make a sour handkerchief. Waist … … Such a scene, in addition to being a drowsy after sedentary, the backache is also caused by the use of excessive brain to cause kidney deficiency. After continuous and intense use of brain power, people will feel dizzy, tired, and even backache. Even if the posture is adjusted and the chair is softened, it will still hurt, because the back pain and fatigue are largely Caused by kidney deficiency. Chinese medicine says that the brain is the “sea of ​​the marrow” and the kidney is the “main bone marrow.” Excessive use of the brain will lead to the emptiness of the “myelin”, and the kidney will “overtime” to the marrow, and naturally it will be exhausted. This kind of back pain caused by kidney deficiency is a general pain and pain that can’t find the anchor point, and it is sour and soft. I like to press it with my hands and apply it with hot things. This is a common feature of Chinese medicine deficiency syndrome. The “kidney” of Chinese medicine includes not only reproductive functions, but also neurological functions related to thinking. As long as the kidney is damaged, it will be soft and weak, and even early. Because the kidney is “in its hair,” meaning that the state of the hair is an external sign of “kidney” by Chinese medicine. The reason why Wu Zixun was white at night, although there is literary exaggeration, but on the night of life and death, Wu Zixuan must use the brain intensively for survival, which will cause sudden consumption and even damage to the kidney. It was evidence that Wu Zikai was “kidney deficiency” at the time. Because of kidney deficiency caused by excessive brain, you can go to the pharmacy to buy the Chinese medicine “Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan” under the guidance of a doctor. Its composition is five kinds of seeds: medlar, dodder, schisandra, raspberry, psyllium. In food, nuts are the best brain-enhancing agents, such as walnuts, lotus seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. Among them, walnuts and lotus seeds are currently proven to have a very good effect on dementia, and are the backbone of brain and kidney. “. Want to know more about the above, please visit: