The Prostitute ten guidelines let her love you

Ladies and gentlemen, have you already taken a fancy to the goddess in your heart, but you can only wait in silence in your heart? Take your confidence! Now in this era, it is to pay attention to “first to be strong”! The following 10 basics are introduced to you. Prostitute “Guidelines, practical and classic! Don’t hurry to learn! Basic Principles Article 1: No matter whether it is a shirt or a suit neckline or cuff, you can’t let MM see black stains, you can’t change shirts and socks for three days, ten days are not willing The act of bathing must keep the image of “the cooked eggs like the shells” and the clean and chic image of the suits and ties. There must be no acts of licking the ears, picking up the nostrils, and panting the whole body to make MM disgusting! Basic Principles Article 2: No matter big The little swallows of the eyes are still the younger sisters of “Welcome to” in McDonald’s. As long as they look at them, they must work hard to write a love letter that is incomparably numb until they impress their hearts. They must not be moved or be shy and fearful, and they are worried that others will say their own delusions. The behavior of eating swan meat! Basic rules Article 6: No matter how beautiful your current girlfriend is, be gentle and considerate to you, you need to know that there are days outside, people outside, beautiful and beautiful. Li! You must see one, love one, or you can pedal two boats and three boats. It is better not to have the idea and behavior of washing hands and washing hands in the golden basin. : Whether you are accompanying a girlfriend to watch a movie, go to a restaurant, or go shopping in a shopping mall, you must be on call, run before you run, and pay for it first. There must be no thought of “having a boring woman to go shopping with a woman”, and there must be no languid, dejected, and small and arrogant behaviors! Basic Principles Article 8: When a girlfriend is sick or troubled, she must immediately ask questions and ask questions. Language, careful comfort, care, and act as a tutor, psychologist, helpline, and loyal listener. Don’t be afraid of trouble, shutting my ass, and being too lazy to care for your machismo! Basic Principles Article 9: No There are friends and wives, can’t bully, rabbits don’t eat the thoughts and behaviors of the grasses! Sorry, this kind of broken things have not been done, and I can’t edit them. Article 10 of the Basic Principles: Those who meet more senior and more powerful than their own, such as Playboy, Pickup Expert or the same person, must humbly ask for advice, learn from each other’s skills, exchange experience and experience, improve their level of happiness, and let them be able to take a new step! Have the same light, and smash each other’s eyes!