6 bad habits that ruin men’s sexuality

Perhaps, you have not realized that these behaviors, diets, and habits are gradually threatening your health. And you, perhaps still enjoying these habits, food, feel indispensable. So, what are the threats to male reproductive health? Driving Now, the car has become an indispensable tool for us. For men, driving is not only convenient for their own travel, but also a manifestation of identity. Italian researchers found that the decline in fertility of taxi drivers, professional drivers and truck drivers was most pronounced. Driving for more than 2 hours is enough to damage the quality of male read more

In winter, women are more susceptible to pelvic inflammatory disease

It is now in the cold winter, and it is a season of frequent pelvic inflammatory disease. Many women themselves are more likely to get pelvic inflammatory disease, then, in the winter, how to prevent the invasion of pelvic inflammatory disease? Now, let’s take a look at the way women prevent pelvic inflammatory disease in winter. Exercise health is always exercise, and women’s health is exercise. However, women who are in the city are getting more and more stressful, time is getting tighter, and their bodies and minds are in a state of exhaustion. There is basically no free time. read more

Fertility crisis: Who is destroying his “egg”?

Lead: Many couples of childbearing age are facing a birth crisis. Some people are cautious about passing on the ancestors and giving birth to children. However, some people have reduced the quality of semen due to various factors and cannot give birth properly. Let us see what is destroying his fertility. Men’s semen quality is gradually declining In recent years, a large amount of evidence shows that the quality of men’s semen is gradually decreasing, and the number of sperm is even: the average annual rate drops by 2%. The real cause of the decline in male fertility is not fully read more

Doing six things will expose the prostate to 10,000 points.

The prostate is a male-specific and very important gonad that is related to the sex life of men. As experts say: physical health is the foundation of perfect sex. If the prostate lesions, not only affect the quality of sexual intercourse, but also may affect fertility. At the same time, the prostate is more delicate and needs good protection. The health of the prostate, there are six things that are most fearful, and men need to stay away. There is a lot of toxins in the urine when the urination is not in time. The process of urinating is equivalent to detoxification. Therefore, if you have read more

What are the serious harms caused by men’s spermatorrhea?

Many men who enter adolescence will have a symptom – nocturnal emission. Although the spermatorrhea itself does not have much influence on the body, if there is a regular nocturnal emission, this time men should pay attention, especially for married men, the frequent remnants of spermatorrhea may have sexual function. Have a certain impact. Xiaobian today takes everyone to see what harms men’s spermatorrhea will cause. Don’t be afraid of the emergence of nocturnal emission, there are ways to help men improve. The harm of male nocturnal emission 1, affecting the mental state read more

Pay attention to a few things that make men impotence

Male sexual dysfunction is usually impotence, premature ejaculation, no ejaculation, loss of libido, etc., in addition to its own factors, the factors from the woman can not be ignored. The woman does not cooperate with this before marriage is more common. Before marriage, because the woman is afraid of pregnancy, bleeding, being discovered, falling in love, etc., she often has fear of sexual intercourse and has no sex life experience. The woman often fails to cooperate or refuse, often leading to the failure of the first sexual intercourse, and even affecting future sexual function. 1. The read more

Why are contraceptives sometimes contraceptive?

In daily life, we can always encounter such wonderful phenomena. Many women have been taking birth control pills strictly according to the dose of drugs. However, the blue sky still appeared, and the pregnancy test showed positive. This Thunder makes women who are not planning to have children feel overwhelmed. In fact, if a woman takes other drugs while taking the pill, it will be like the same thing as the food, or the chemical neutralization reaction, which makes the contraceptive drug invalid. Naturally, the test There will be a positive on the pregnancy list. Therefore, Feihua Xiaobian read more

Contraceptive knowledge that must be known in a question and answer

When many people are in contact with certain things, they always feel that they do not need to read the instructions, and they can use them directly. But for some things, such as contraception, it is not safe to try your own. Let’s take a look at the following common sense. I hope to help your contraceptive business! While pursuing the comfort and safety of condoms, people should also learn more about the basic common sense of condoms. Q1: How long is the general condom stored? A1: In a cool and dry storage environment, the general condom can be stored for 5 years. Q2: Can a condom be read more

Positive solution to three question points of induced abortion

With the development of medical care, painless people have entered people’s horizons. So, is it painless to have a painless flow? Is the flow of people really just equivalent to a severe menstrual period? Will multiple people lead to lifelong infertility? A series of questions, etc., are also plaguing women who are unintended pregnant. Below, I will give you a detailed explanation of the various issues related to the flow of people. During abortion, the endometrium is repeatedly scraped, the uterine wall is thinned, and the endometrium is less and less, which not only causes bleeding, read more

Oral contraceptives should pay special attention to 4 points

Contraceptives are safe and convenient, so they are favored by women. While contraceptive use is simple and convenient, there are also many precautions for use. Due to the relative lack of contraceptive knowledge education in China, women still have many shortcomings in the contraceptive use of contraceptives. Let’s take a look at it together: 1. Enter the oral contraceptives that have less menstrual blood and amenorrhea. In vivo, the body’s hormone secretion is greatly reduced, which has a certain inhibitory effect on endometrial shedding. Therefore, women will have a decrease in read more