Is the leucorrhea brown in women’s long-term ovulation normal?

Is the leucorrhea brown in women’s long-term ovulation normal? This is not normal. The color of the leucorrhea during normal ovulation is transparent, and there are signs of drawing. If the leucorrhea turns brown, it is likely to be bleeding during ovulation, so that it cannot be in the same room. For women, it is very unfavorable. The ovulation period itself is once in a cycle. If you miss it, you will wait until the next cycle. Ovulation leucorrhea brown ovulation in normal ovulation is colorless, transparent, multi-colored and brushed, but leucorrhea during ovulation may be caused by read more

How to calculate the best ovulation period for women?

What is the best ovulation period? For most women, the normality of the physiological cycle affects their own learning and life, and of course, having a healthy and positive life is what every woman wants. Therefore, it is very important for female friends to master their own physiological cycle and ovulation time. The following small series will introduce the “How to calculate the best ovulation period” to help the majority of female friends to master the regular physiological cycle and the time of ovulation. What is the ovulation period? The ovulation period refers to the process read more

What is the calculation of ovulation?

What is ovulation, how to calculate? This is the knowledge that some young female friends should and must master. Only when they have a specific date of ovulation and ovulation, can they know their best pregnancy date, so they can adopt pregnancy or contraception. Let’s take a look at what is the calculation of what is the ovulation period. What is the female ovulation period? Women of childbearing age ovarian discharge a mature egg every month. After the egg is discharged, it enters the fallopian tube. It can generally survive for 12 days, while the sperm produced by men is continuous. read more

Why are you not pregnant during normal ovulation?

Why are you not pregnant during normal ovulation? Pregnancy is a big thing. It is necessary to have many conditions. It is not that you can get pregnant during ovulation. There is no such thing in medicine. There is no doctor who will say this. The following is a small series for everyone to sort out. Infertility information can be referred to in detail. What are the reasons for women not being pregnant? The incidence of infertility also increases significantly with age. Generally speaking, a spouse of 30 to 34 years old is one infertile in each of the 7 pairs; the female is 35 to 40 years old, read more

Tips: How to estimate female ovulation

Ovulation is the best period of pregnancy and risk for women. Women who want to conceive or want to have contraception should take control of their own small days and take appropriate measures and preparations to conceive or contraception. How to calculate the female ovulation period is scientific and effective? The following small series introduces several common methods for estimating female ovulation period, which may be remembered by female friends. The menstrual cycle predicts that female ovulation is periodically affected by the endocrine hormones of the pituitary gland and ovary. The read more

How do you know if you have ovulation during ovulation?

How do you know if there is ovulation during ovulation? The majority of female friends must have asked such questions more than once, because ovulation is a subtle change in the body, and there is a very obvious feature that does not want to come to menstruation, so friends who want to have babies have ovulation It is very doubtful that there is no ovulation. Let’s explain it to our friends through a few knowledge points. The ovulation time with regular menstrual cycle is generally relatively stable, and ovulation occurs mostly in the next 16-16 days of menstrual cramps. In the ovulation read more

How do female friends contraception during ovulation?

For female friends who don’t want babies, contraception is a difficult problem for every couple of reproductive age partners. If the contraceptive fails, the unexpected pregnancy will not only make friends feel helpless, but also cause double damage to the body and mind. Therefore, how to effectively and correctly contraception is very important, and most women have a lot of misunderstandings about contraception. Here is a brief introduction to contraceptive knowledge of women during ovulation. Long-term contraception should be “reasonable” during the dangerous period. Emergency contraception read more

How big is a girl suitable for the first sex life?

The premature sexual life of women believes that everyone has a certain understanding, but it may not be clear to everyone that premature sexual life may also cause women suffering from cervical cancer, female private parts of the gynecological disease, and premature birth is not only risk Big and bad for your baby’s health. So what are the specific hazards of women prematurely sputum? How much is a woman suitable for sexual life? 1. The premature sputum is only 20 years old. Xiaoli comes to the gynecological clinic for irregular bleeding of female private parts. Have had a history of read more

Adolescent “sex education” ≠ “a set of”

Lead: During the adolescence, the physical and mental conditions of boys and girls have changed a lot. The phenomenon of spermatorrhea in boys, the beginning of girls, the development of breasts, etc., have not only changed a lot in the body of adolescents, but also psychologically and cognitively. In the midst of changes, and more and more curious about “sex”, this has led to the phenomenon that boys and girls first tasted the forbidden fruit. Sex education for adolescence cannot be taken lightly. Children who entered adolescence, under our “sex education”, knew “sex” read more

Adolescent sexual behavior lacks cognitive consequences, you have to know

I believe everyone knows that there are many challenges that everyone faces during adolescence. The lack of sexual knowledge in adolescents can lead them to a path that they cannot predict. This can lead to very serious consequences. If there are some bad behaviors in this period without any sexual experience and sexual knowledge, for example, girls fall abortion, and the possibility of causing sexually transmitted diseases. I. Reproductive organ tract injury and infection Adolescent sexual behavior is mostly related to “early love”. Both men and women lack the necessary sexual health read more