Mom, where did I come from?

This is the father’s reproductive organs. There is a seed inside. Dad planted this seed into his mother’s body. You started to grow up slowly in your mother’s stomach. Just like we plant flowers and grass, we plant seeds. In the field, flowers and grass will grow. When you grow up to your mother’s stomach, you will be born. “Where is it born?” Xuan Xuan said to her mother. “From the mother’s reproductive organs, this is the mother’s reproductive organs, here is the passage of your life, you are born from here.” “What is the reproductive read more

7 details to understand the man’s little psychology

Men always say that women’s hearts are the most difficult to understand. In fact, women also think that men’s hearts are difficult to understand. In fact, the man’s heart is best understood, because most men are rectum, they will not hide their own ideas, which makes men’s ideas easy to expose, even if there are individual minded men, as long as you use a small trick to him Will reveal the horse’s feet. 1. When you are shopping, pay attention to your first attention or pay attention to his men shopping, most of them are ATMs and walk-behind machines. Although some read more

Exploring women’s “private” little world

Nowadays, there are more and more women in the society, and they are working hard in the workplace every day like men. However, after a busy day, women usually think of a good bubble bath and wash away the tiredness of the day. But do you really think that women are just as simple as taking a bubble bath in the bathroom?

Suitable for single women who have sexual urges to solve

Lead: Sex is not just a sexual contact with someone. Sex is closely related to open, harmonious relationships, perceptions and memories. For those who love sex and have the opportunity to enjoy sex, sex is not just a timed physical activity that happens in the bed. Single women should have a harmonious sex life For those who are open, there are also sexual spaces on the Internet, but these are often very ugly. There are also many pornographic books online. However, it’s important to remember that the brain doesn’t know where your sexual impulses come from, maybe your beloved husband, read more

Why do older women tend to be obsessed with old men?

Today, we have ushered in a new era – the era of women. For the remaining women, it is left for various reasons. Although the reasons for the rest are different, the final mate selection criteria are quite different. Most older women have their eyes on the old man when they choose their spouse. So, why are the older women now so obsessed with the old men? Let’s explore this issue together and see what is going on! 1. Older men are more mature For women, especially experienced emotional trauma. For the leftover woman, the old man is more mature. This kind of maturity that can only be read more

Reveal! The importance of sleep for men’s sex life

People who often suffer from insomnia are in a low spirit and physical condition. Therefore, some people use sex to regulate sleep. After intense exercise and consumption, people can quickly fall asleep and have high quality. Let’s follow the Xiaobian to understand. Let’s go. Does sleep affect sexual life? Lack of sleep will inevitably affect sexual life, leading to difficulties in men’s erection, premature ejaculation, women’s susceptibility to coldness, less fluid secretion, and endocrine disorders. Ample sleep is not only energetic, but also enhances a man’s sexual read more

10 women want to get from him most

Men are really very simple animals. If a woman is attractive, we want to see her. If she finds it interesting, clever or amused, we want to know her better. Women, on the contrary, are more complicated. They usually have a list of conditions in order to determine who can interact. Women’s standards are significantly more detailed than the “friendly”, “hot” and “smart” selection criteria for men. Today we will list 10 things that women need most, and see what’s on the list of spouses.

What kind of woman male can’t accept

Men and women do not think the same way. Because the social roles they play and the social functions they undertake are different, so men and women have different requirements for the opposite sex. It is easier for women to pour all their love into the current love, but with society. The development of males is more and more demanding for their partners. So what kind of women are unacceptable to men? 1. Frequently ask the husband to love or not, and the woman habitually asks her husband to love herself. I even like to listen to my husband saying “I love you” as a natural tonic to read more

Menopause: Have you entered the menopause? pay attention!

Menopause: Have you entered the menopause? Pay attention! After women enter menopause, their physical functions are not as good as before, and their emotions are easily out of control. It is especially important to have adequate high quality sleep. To ensure a good sleep, avoid the following six points: One avoids sleeping and eating: Eating before going to sleep, organs such as gastrointestinal, liver, spleen and other organs will continue to be busy, not only affecting their rest, but also making the cerebral cortex the functional area of ​​the digestive system. Excited, people often have read more

Menopause: Will menopausal women have a pregnancy?

Menopause: Will menopausal women have a pregnancy? Just having an ovulation and a sexual intercourse without taking precautions is enough to give birth to a child. As long as you have menstruation, you must estimate the likelihood of pregnancy. Please note! From the statistics, the possibility of conception after the age of 40 is greatly reduced, and there are still 3% chances of conception at the age of 40. The probability of being pregnant at the age of 50 is extremely low. For example, only one in 20,000 Americans over the age of 50 will become pregnant. There are several reasons for the read more