Qiao Xin explores the class of Yang Zi’s “Honey stew stewed squid” sisters with the frame self-timer super cute

On the evening of July 2, Li is taking photos with Wei Zi and Yang Zi and Guan Muer, and said: “Guan Muer – Qiu Yingying / Jubilee – Han Shangyan…” In the photo, two lovely young ladies, Yang Ziqiao, and The handsome little brother Li Xian, the three people put on a variety of funny postures to sell cute, full of youthful vitality. Later, Yang Zi forwarded this microblog and wrote succinctly: “Guan Guan came to explore the class, Han Shangyan is not willing to show weakness to play together, then well, look at the face of the next year, add you a little!” read more

Su Youpeng surprises to join the “Chinese Restaurant” second season partner Zhao Wei reproduces “Yizhu CP”

On July 2nd, the second season of Hunan Satellite TV’s business experience program “Chinese Restaurant” will be broadcasted on Friday, July 13th at 22:00. Recently, the official release of a group of Su Youpeng personal stills and promotional videos, Su Youpeng’s intellectual elegance, stayed in Among them, reading and making delicious foods give the Chinese restaurant a sense of freshness and warmth. Sunshine, flowers, hourglass, study, sofa, Su Youpeng are in a comfortable home, sometimes focus on reading, and sometimes make delicious food, like a gentleman gentleman read more

Love is deep! Yang Ziling morning issued a birthday greeting for Liu Tao

Yang Zi Liu Tao On the early morning of July 12, Yang Zi sent a blessing to Liu Tao’s 40-year-old birthday on Weibo: “Tao’s sister is another year. Xiaoxi wishes you a happy birthday, happy and happy. Looking forward to our next reunion. “. It is worth mentioning that the microblog is also a birthday blessing that was forwarded at the moment of last year and is seen as a continuation. Liu Tao and Yang Zi have a good relationship with each other because of the “Ode to Joy”. Both of them are very good friends outside the play. From 2016 onwards, every time Liu Tao’s read more

Suspected Fan Bingbing intimately confessed to the party! It turned out to be a stills of the show.

On the evening of July 14, the network exposed suspected Fan Bingbing and Liu Guoliang’s intimate photos. The photos were published on the hot search list. Subsequently, Fan Bingbing released a rumor statement on the intimate photos, and Yan Zheng said that the hero in the photo was not Fan Bingbing. Statement July 15th, God like Liu Guoliang Fan Bingbing intimately photographed He Ke through the social platform to issue a solemn statement on this photo, saying: “Hello netizens, everyone, I am the angel sniper captain He Ke, today’s network is like Mr. Liu Guoliang and Ms. read more

The girl apartment is not really hearty? Youku Sweet Girl Theater “Dear Dear You” unlocks campus friendship

“Dear Dear You”, starring in the popular popularity of Xiaohua, Shu Xin, Wang Xizhi, He Lanjiao, Yang Zhiqi, Wang Wei, etc. will be broadcasted on Youku’s entire network at 12 o’clock today (July 13). This “half-sugarism” youth drama jointly produced by Youku and Huace Films is very close to reality, showing the girl’s shared life. After the announcement, it received a strong attention from netizens. The sweet pet’s youthful love makes the netizen unable to bear to comment on the message: “It is the appearance of the memory.” The read more

Was it broken up with Luhan? Guan Xiaoyu update status: black cat question mark face

A few days ago, some netizens broke the news that Luhan and Guan Xiaoyu were suspected of breaking up. The netizen said: “Deer H and GX broke up, and it was not open because the new drama was going to be on.” On the evening of July 19, Guan Xiaoyu updated his personal social. Account number, said: “Black cat question mark face ???” Suspected to respond to the recent two people’s breakup rumors. In the photo, Guan Xiaotong is a cute question mark face. In addition to the self-timer, Guan Xiaotong also showed a photo of a black cat. As early as when Guan Xiaotong read more




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